• We just fixed an issue (introduced last night) that prevented new posts from being saved in some cases from the native apps. Very sorry for missing this. If you have any questions, let us know at help@micro.blog.

  • We’ve updated Sunlit and the Micro.blog iOS app this week with improvements to video upload and playback. Thanks for the feedback so far about videos in Micro.blog!

  • Sorry for the downtime! Micro.blog is back up now after being offline in the middle of the night (in @manton’s time zone). Thanks for your patience.

  • Version 1.5 of the iOS app is now available with support for setting post categories. Create new categories in Micro.blog on the web, then tap the gear icon when composing a new post.

  • We launched a bunch of new features this week: categories for posts, custom themes, and more. You can read the details on Manton’s blog.

  • Last week we wrapped up the 12 days of microblogging series, covering photo blogs, microcasting, authors on Micro.blog, and much more. The help site has links to all 12 posts.

  • There’s a new episode of Micro Monday out:

    This week, Khaled Abou Alfa discusses his philosophy of blogging, which he’s been doing for over 14 years. He explains how a short post by John Gruber provided the impetus to start using his Micro.blog account.

  • From the help account today:

    Apologies for some extra flakiness (and “not found” error messages) for a few minutes this morning as a Micro.blog server upgrade went off the rails. Everything should be running smoothly now.

  • Linkblogging is the topic for today’s 12 days of microblogging blog post:

    Micro.blog users have a variety of approaches to posting links on their blog. Some people read an interesting article and type in a summary of it, pasting in the URL to the full article, and some people prefer quoting a portion of the text directly in their microblog post.

  • Welcome! The purpose of this microblog will be to write about recent changes to the platform or to highlight new features. Most posts will link out to other sources, such as individual team members’ personal blogs and other community resources.

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