• Introduced a new content delivery network option for hosted images. Manton has the details on his blog.

  • Updated Micro.blog for macOS to version 2.6.1 with the following changes:

    • Improved Mastodon username highlighting when writing a new post.
    • Added progress spinner to menu rows to better show timeline loading.
    • Fixed photo viewer window title to not include new CDN hostname.
  • Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃 We’re taking a break for the day and will be catching up on any questions tomorrow. Thanks for your support of Micro.blog.

  • We added a new setting under Account: “Show posts but no replies”. This is for people who really want a more sparse timeline without any replies from other people at all. It just shows blog posts.

  • We introduced big changes to our support for Mastodon and ActivityPub this week. See Manton’s blog post for the details.

  • We added support for uploading multiple photos with a new post on the web. Details and screenshot on Manton’s blog.

  • Added option under Account → Edit Feeds to import posts to a blog from a feed. Does not currently copy images. When choosing this new import option, there are no cross-posting settings because the post will likely re-appear in your Micro.blog-hosted feed.

  • Epilogue for Android has been updated to version 1.2 with reading goals and the Discover screen. Full release notes over in the Help Center. The iOS and Android versions will be mostly feature comparable but have their own version numbers.

  • We’ve released version 1.1 of Micro.blog for Android. It adds dark mode and a bunch of other tweaks and fixes.

  • Epilogue 1.3 for iOS has been released in the App Store! This version adds a new Discover tab for finding books that people are blogging about. Tap and hold on a book cover to quickly add it to one of your bookshelves.

  • There’s a new set of buttons in Micro.blog on the web to toggle the Posts section to a more compact view. This is good for blogs that have a lot of full-length blog posts or photo posts. It will truncate the text and show all the photos as small thumbnails, so it’s easier to scroll through posts.

    Look for these buttons:

    Screenshot of buttons

    And here’s a screenshot:

    Screenshot of compact posts view

  • We’ve submitted a bug fix update for Sunlit to Apple. Improves scrolling performance and other tweaks. Here’s a quick video of some of Sunlit’s main screens:

  • We released a bug fix update to Micro.blog for Android, version 1.0.1. You can see what’s new and the full release history in the Help Center.

  • There have been several new plug-ins added recently. “Photos page” by @kottkrig gives you more control over the layout of the photos page, including preserving the photo aspect ratio. “Gateway” is a theme for single-page sites. Also new: “No robots”, “Font Awesome”, and “Alpine”.

  • Bookmarklet for saving web pages

    In the help page about bookmarks, we mention that you can bookmark a web page from your web browser. This uses a “bookmarklet” which can be added to the favorites bar, but the link doesn’t work in Discourse, which powers the Help Center, so I wanted to include it here as well.

    To bookmark a web page from a web browser, drag this bookmarklet link to your browser’s favorites bar. Click the bookmarklet when visiting a web page to add the URL in Micro.blog.

  • It has been a busy last week at Micro.blog! Manton has released the complete draft of his book, we held our 2nd Micro Camp event, shipped 1.0 of Micro.blog for Android, and rolled out bug fixes to Wavelength for iOS and other parts of Micro.blog.

  • Micro Camp kicks off in 24 hours! Have you registered yet? It’s free. We have a stellar lineup of presenters and panels. There will be live chat, so you can interact with other microbloggers. Even if you can’t be there live, you’ll be able to watch the videos afterwards.

  • Updates to Micro.blog Help

    In March 2021, we decided to move the Help documents to Discourse, and simultaneously create a forum where community members could ask and answer each others questions. This is available at help.micro.blog.

    Listening to your feedback over the last year, we heard one suggestion from several people: make the Help more accessible to new users and folks who are looking for the original Help documents, rather than forum discussions.

    When we added the Help to Discourse, each article became a regular forum post. Discussions were appended to those documents which could be distracting or overwhelming. We have now closed all the Help documents to comments. We changed the author of those documents to “Help” to indicate that they are not just forum posts from Manton or Jean. We have also put a link to the Help Table of Contents at the top of the Help Center.

    Most of the discussions that were removed had run their course, and any new tips were incorporated into the original Help document. The discussions were archived. In a few cases, we have some open discussions that will be followed up with an individual email or a separate topic in the Help Center.

    You can always start a new discussion topic in the Help Center for anything the official Help documents don’t cover, or if you have questions or feedback. Thanks everyone who has participated in forum discussions and helped us improve the new Help Center!

  • Micro.blog for Android is in Google Play as a public beta. It was recently updated with some more bug fixes, user muting, and other improvements.

  • A few new changes were rolled out in Micro.blog today, including better status of plug-in versions, plug-in documentation shown on the detail page, and fixes for profile photos cached too long in the timeline.

  • We usually update Micro.blog a couple times a week. Recent changes:

    • Added photo to the top of profile page.
    • Improved how plug-in themes are handled, so other plug-ins can override smaller parts of a theme.
    • Fixed uploading profile photos.
    • Fixed not archiving bookmarks sometimes.
  • Micro.blog for macOS has seen a few updates since the start of 2022, adding a preview window, HTML syntax highlighting, bug fixes for drafts and photos, and a new context menu. You can see all the release notes at the Help Center.

  • If you’re using a Micro.blog subdomain like you.micro.blog for your blog, you can register your own custom domain in Micro.blog and we’ll set everything up for you automatically. Click Account → Get a Domain Name.

  • Over the last couple of weeks we’ve updated most of our apps with bug fixes, including new versions of Micro.blog for iOS, Micro.blog for macOS, Sunlit, and Epilogue. Make sure to grab the latest! As the year winds down, we’re focused on keeping Micro.blog running smoothly.

  • We had some downtime this morning because of a networking issue at one of our hosting provider’s data centers. Very sorry for the trouble. We have temporarily disabled photo uploads until the issue is completely resolved.

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