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  • One hour left. Post a photo before the 24-hour challenge window closes.

    Or just enjoy the 128 photos that have already been posted in the A Day In The Life collection.

  • Reminder: there are still 3+ hours left in A Day In The Life photo challenge. Here is a list of what time it ends by time zone

    All the photos submitted can be found here in this special Discover collection.

  • The 24-Hour Photo Challenge starts in less than 24 hours!

    Starting at 12 noon U.S. Central Daylight Time on Tuesday Oct. 13, post one photo from where you are. Include:

    • Location

    • Local time when the photo was taken


    • A Day In The Life linked

    • Tag #adayinthelife

  • There were glitches for some blogs and the Micro.blog timeline today after an SSL certificate expired. Sorry for the problem, and everything should be getting back to normal now!

  • Press Release: Micro.blog 2.0 Makes It Easier to Customize Your Blog

    Micro.blog 2.0 Makes It Easier to Customize Your Blog, Adds Bookmark Archiving and Highlighting to Premium

    Austin, TX – September 29, 2020 – Micro.blog released version 2.0 of its blogging and social engagement platform. The new version has redesigned the interface to make it easier to edit posts, create new pages, upload files, and customize themes.

    Micro.blog 2.0 also adds bookmark archiving and highlights to Micro.blog Premium. When a microblog post or web page is bookmarked, Micro.blog downloads a copy of the post to read later. The post’s text can be highlighted and the highlights can easily be converted into quoted text when writing a new blog post.

    “The community on Micro.blog loves to read and blog about what they’ve discovered, in both short microblog posts and longer essays,” said Manton Reece, founder of Micro.blog. “The new highlights interface in Micro.blog Premium provides an easy way to go from reading and highlighting to publishing your own post.”

    Micro.blog Premium also includes hosting for podcasts and short videos. When an MP3 file is uploaded, Micro.blog automatically creates a podcast feed with your microblog that can be submitted to podcast directories. Micro.blog Premium is $10/month; the standard Micro.blog account, which includes a hosted blog that can use a custom domain name, is $5/month.

    “Since we introduced podcast hosting in 2018, lots of community members have taken advantage of this easy way to publish a podcast,” said Jean MacDonald, community manager and host of the Micro Monday podcast. “The podcast and its files are hosted at the user’s own domain name, and not locked into a silo, which is a great advantage for those who value flexibility and the indie web.”

    With Micro.blog 2.0, the native Mac and iOS apps have also received several improvements for more convenience in searching, editing, and managing posts and uploads. Writing on the Mac app has been made easier with the addition of a window for new posts and replies, and a redesigned toolbar.

    What’s new in Micro.blog 2.0:

    • Redesigned interface on the web features a sidebar of options to make it easier to edit posts, create new pages, upload files, and customize themes.

    • Replies can now be edited.

    • Native iOS and Mac apps add Pages and Uploads sections for creating and editing standalone pages, uploading podcasts and other files.

    • Add multiple Micro.blog accounts in the iOS app

    • New separate window in the native Mac app for writing new posts and replies.

    • Drag photos from Uploads into a new post with the Mac app.

    • Archive a copy of bookmarked pages for later reading (Premium).

    • Highlight archived pages for an easy way to add quoted text to a new blog post when writing (Premium).


    Micro.blog: $5/month or $50/year

    • Hosted microblog at username.micro.blog; custom domain names supported and encouraged

    • Easy posting from the web, iOS, and Mac apps.

    • Photo upload and storage at your own domain name.

    • Custom themes and CSS.

    • SSL for your custom domain.

    • Cross-posting to Twitter, Medium, Tumblr, LinkedIn, and Mastodon.

    • WordPress, Tumblr, and Medium import including redirecting previous URLs.

    Micro.blog Premium: $10/month or $100/year

    • All the features of the standard Micro.blog account.

    • Podcast hosting.

    • Short video hosting.

    • Archiving of bookmarked blog posts and web pages for later reading.

    • Highlighting of archived pages for easy conversion to quoted text when writing new posts.

    Micro.blog Teams: $20/month or $200/year

    • All the hosted microblog features.

    • All the Micro.blog Premium features, including podcast hosting, video hosting, and archiving/highlighting of bookmarked posts

    • Invite team members to post to your blog.

    • Unlimited users.

    System Requirements:

    Micro.blog is an online platform, not tied to a particular operating system.
    Web: Any modern web browser (Safari, Firefox, Chrome)
    macOS: 10.14 Mojave or later
    iOS: iOS 12 or later

    Third-party apps are available for Android. More info: help.micro.blog/2017/micr…

    About Micro.blog

    Micro.blog is a blog hosting platform with a social media component that allows a community of bloggers to follow others, reply, and engage in conversations in a familiar timeline. Micro.blog was created by Manton Reece, and launched in January 2017 after a successful Kickstarter campaign. Its mission is to make both short- and long-form blogging easier, while also providing a safe and civil space for bloggers to interact, governed by strong community guidelines and managed by full-time Community Manager Jean MacDonald.

    Press Contact:

    Manton Reece

    Jean MacDonald
    Twitter: @macgenie (DMs open)

  • Bookmarks and highlights tour

    This 3-minute screencast video is a preview of upcoming features in Micro.blog 2.0, set to launch next week.

  • Over on his blog, Manton has shared details and screenshots of new features coming in Micro.blog 2.0. It will launch on September 29th.

  • Apologies for the HTTPS issue with Micro.blog today. Accidentally let the certificate expire despite thinking I had taken care of it. Thanks for your patience. All fixed now.

  • There was some unexpected downtime in parts of Micro.blog because of network maintenance problems at our hosting provider. Everything should be working again now, and hosted blogs remained up. Thanks for your patience.

  • The emoji sections of Discover have been updated to add a “Show More” button, to go further back in the timeline. We’ve also improved the API to support this for other apps.

  • Sunlit 3.0 will ship on Tuesday, September 1st. @manton is highlighting a new feature each day over on his blog.

  • We’re now into the fourth week of the photo challenge! The next 7 days of prompts have been posted. 📷

  • Fixed an issue with GitHub archiving and updated the help page with some tips. If you enable this feature, make sure your GitHub repository has been initialized with at least 1 commit, such as a placeholder README.

  • The third week of photo challenge prompts has been posted. Happy photo-blogging! 📷

  • There will be some downtime for Micro.blog tonight at 11pm central time because of maintenance at our hosting provider. Blogs hosted on Micro.blog will remain up.

  • There’s going to be some downtime around 10pm central time tonight for maintenance at our hosting provider. Can’t be avoided. Thanks for your patience!

  • Prompts for the first 7 days of the August photo challenge have now been posted! Post a photo inspired by today’s word. It’s also a great way to unlock one of the photo challenge pins.

  • Looking for a video walk-through of Micro.blog? The tutorial at ScreenCastsOnline is now available for free. @macgenie has a detailed overview here.

  • Today we launched a brand new plug-in system for Micro.blog. Manton has an introduction on his blog, plus there’s a new help page with details for web developers. This is going to open up a lot of new possibilities to make Micro.blog-hosted blogs better.

  • We’ve rolled out a fix for importing from WordPress blogs. Recently, the import was missing some posts. It should work much more reliably now.

  • We fixed saving drafts on the web today, plus a handful of under-the-hood improvements in Micro.blog. Photos in the timeline are now proxied through Micro.blog for better security and privacy. See any problems? Let us know to @help.

  • The downtime was mostly the result of a networking issue at our hosting provider, but there is more we can do to make this more resilient in the future. @manton will be blogging about it. Everything is back online.

  • We’ve had some significant downtime since the early morning CST. Things are starting to come back online, but still waiting to hear from our hosting provider before the problem can be completely resolved. Very sorry for the downtime.

  • Micro.blog was slow or down for a few minutes today. We also have a new status page at status.micro.blog to check if there are major problems with the Micro.blog servers.

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