• There was a bug this morning affecting new @-mentions from showing up. Apologies if you received multiple notifications after it was fixed.

  • Micro.blog was down in the middle of the night (@manton time). We’re sorry for the downtime. Still investigating what went wrong but things are running smoothly right now.

  • As part of an upcoming server upgrade, if you are currently using Cloudflare with your custom domain name, please make sure that the proxying is disabled in Cloudflare’s settings. This helps us enable HTTPS for your domain name.

  • We hit a rate limit with HTTPS certificates today while rolling out a server upgrade. We’ve reverted and slowed down the migration to avoid further issues. Some hosted sites may have seen errors, but everything should be working again.

  • There have been some errors with Micro.blog-hosted blogs today because of a server failure. We’re keeping an eye on it and will be rolling out improvements.

  • We’re running a little behind schedule with Micro Camp, so we’ve shifted some of the sessions by 15 minutes. All the recorded sessions (not meetups) will also be available for later watching.

  • Micro Camp is today! Check out micro.camp for the speakers, schedule, and registration link. We’ll start at 10am Pacific Daylight Time.

  • The downtime for hosted blogs should be mostly resolved now, but we are still keeping an eye on things and there may be further fixes. If you notice any problems, don’t hesitate to reach out to help@micro.blog. Thank you!

  • We’ve announced the first set of speakers and live panels for Micro Camp 2021!

  • We added a new pens emoji to Discover! @jean has the details in her post.

  • Apologies for the downtime on help.micro.blog. It’s back online now. And you can always email help@micro.blog too.

  • Parts of Micro.blog (for hosted blogs) will be down tonight at 11pm CST for maintenance at our hosting provider. I expect it could be up to 45 minutes, but hoping for much quicker. Update: All good! Maintenance has completed.

  • Looking for another great text editor for iOS and macOS that can post to Micro.blog? Ulysses is offering a 3-month trial for Micro.blog users.

  • We are looking into some new issues with posts and replies showing up in the timeline, and notifications. Thanks for your patience! It has become more common in the last couple of days and we hope to have it solved soon.

  • Ulysses 22 is now available with support for publishing to Micro.blog. Manton has an overview blog post here.

  • We launched a new Help Center this week, based on Discourse. It automatically uses your Micro.blog sign-in so it’s easy to get started.

  • The earlier issues of not updating the timeline right away should be resolving now. Sorry for the delays and confusion! If you continue to see any problems, don’t hesitate to reach out to help@micro.blog.

  • If your posts are showing up on your blog but not in the timeline… We’re trying to fix this as soon as possible. There is a work-around: if you have a custom domain name, you can remove your feed under Account → Edit Feeds and add it back using the custom domain URL.

  • There has been some downtime at our DNS provider today that is affecting access to Micro.blog. We expect it to return to normal soon.

  • Some parts of Micro.blog were slow this morning. We have temporarily disabled custom 404 pages, which were contributing to the issue. They will be restored later, but in the meantime everything should be fast again. Thanks for your patience.

  • If you’ve posted a photo for the challenge, you should see your new pin by going to your Account page on the web and clicking Show All.

  • One hour left. Post a photo before the 24-hour challenge window closes.

    Or just enjoy the 128 photos that have already been posted in the A Day In The Life collection.

  • Reminder: there are still 3+ hours left in A Day In The Life photo challenge. Here is a list of what time it ends by time zone

    All the photos submitted can be found here in this special Discover collection.

  • The 24-Hour Photo Challenge starts in less than 24 hours!

    Starting at 12 noon U.S. Central Daylight Time on Tuesday Oct. 13, post one photo from where you are. Include:

    • Location

    • Local time when the photo was taken


    • A Day In The Life linked

    • Tag #adayinthelife

  • There were glitches for some blogs and the Micro.blog timeline today after an SSL certificate expired. Sorry for the problem, and everything should be getting back to normal now!

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