• Some cross-posting and publishing improvements today:

    • Improved reliability if there were any delays publishing the photo to your blog or the CDN.
    • Fixed Bluesky cross-posting to include a link back to your post for podcast episodes or videos.
    • Fixed not showing theme errors when a template contained emoji.
  • Increased the maximum upload size to 75 MB, allowing longer podcasts and videos.
    Added .zip and .gz as supported file extensions for upload.

  • Updated the iOS app to version 3.0.2, fixing a few more issues with external blogs.

  • Added ⌘-return keyboard shortcut (control key on Windows) to submit a new post on the web.

  • All of the official Micro.blog themes have now been updated with Microformats fixes and other missing markup. Also improves Cactus, an older neglected theme that fell over in the transition to Hugo 0.91. There are now over 30 themes in the plug-in directory. 🎉

  • Feed refreshing and photo uploads were delayed. Things should be catching up now… Apologies for the downtime.

  • Renamed “Edit Feeds” to “Edit Sources”, to hopefully better convey that these are different than feeds you would subscribe to.

  • Fixed progress spinner when saving bookmarks, showing errors.
    Fixed some photos with their own style attribute not constrained properly on mobile in Posts on the web.

  • Updated blog categories to sort alphabetically in most places in the Micro.blog interface.

  • Fixed email newsletter subject and footer to allow emoji.

  • Added category option for weekly email newsletters. Now you can have Micro.blog collect posts from a specific category for weekly or monthly emails.
    Added user blocking on the web under Account → Edit Muted and Blocked users.

  • Fixed a temporary issue that lasted a few minutes this morning where posts were not properly added to the timeline.

  • Updated Micro.blog for iOS to version 3.0.1 with these changes:

    • Fixed app freezing when swiping to dismiss settings.
    • Fixed connecting to some external blog servers.
  • Released Micro.blog 1.7 for Android. Full release notes history in the Help Center.

  • We are releasing version 3.0 of Micro.blog for iOS today! 🎉 One bug that snuck in that I want to point out: in the settings screen, swiping to dismiss will freeze the app. Use the “x” close button instead until the fix is ready in the 3.0.1 update.

  • Updated deleting categories to clear the cache of posts for your blog, fixing categories lingering around on the Archive page too long.

  • Fixed not always redirecting your Micro.blog subdomain to your custom domain when first setting up your domain name.

  • Fixed an issue with feed refresh and cross-posting delays after posting to your blog. Should be faster to go from blog posting to Micro.blog timeline to copying on external services.

  • Fixed another issue with uploads and blog publishing being delayed, which would cascade into cross-posting issues for photos.

  • We’ve updated the beta iOS app to fix problems authorization with external Micropub servers, as well as some other improvements.

  • Fixed a server problem that caused a large backlog of tasks overnight. Apologies for the delay. Any posts and uploads that were paused should now complete publishing.

  • Fixed issue automatically reloading feeds if the feed is used in multiple user accounts, and related problems with feeds that aren’t the default.

  • Added ⌘-K shortcut (control key on Windows) to start a Markdown link with the selected text in a new post on the web.

  • Fixed problem cross-posting to Bluesky for some posts with links.

  • Fixed Bluesky sign in to better support domain name usernames. Rolled out some other performance improvements.

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