In March 2021, we decided to move the Help documents to Discourse, and simultaneously create a forum where community members could ask and answer each others questions. This is available at

Listening to your feedback over the last year, we heard one suggestion from several people: make the Help more accessible to new users and folks who are looking for the original Help documents, rather than forum discussions.

When we added the Help to Discourse, each article became a regular forum post. Discussions were appended to those documents which could be distracting or overwhelming. We have now closed all the Help documents to comments. We changed the author of those documents to “Help” to indicate that they are not just forum posts from Manton or Jean. We have also put a link to the Help Table of Contents at the top of the Help Center.

Most of the discussions that were removed had run their course, and any new tips were incorporated into the original Help document. The discussions were archived. In a few cases, we have some open discussions that will be followed up with an individual email or a separate topic in the Help Center.

You can always start a new discussion topic in the Help Center for anything the official Help documents don’t cover, or if you have questions or feedback. Thanks everyone who has participated in forum discussions and helped us improve the new Help Center!