• Introduced a new content delivery network option for hosted images. Manton has the details on his blog.

  • Fixed an issue with rssCloud support.
    Fixed some slowdowns in the following users page by temporarily limiting the number of results.

  • Fixed muting long Mastodon usernames.

  • Fixed a security problem that could be exploited via JavaScript on some pages.

  • Fixed an issue with new user registrations not completing.

  • Fixed a server issue that caused some recent posts to not be fully published. We’ve automatically re-published any recent posts from this morning.

  • Added support for lang attributes in the timeline.
    Updated better use of the CDN for mobile and desktop apps.

  • Added new “Reveal token” link on the Account → “App tokens” page, so we don’t show the tokens by default.
    Added support for Microblogvember 2022 pin.

  • Fixed issue that caused posts to be duplicated in the timeline when receiving a reply from Mastodon in some cases.

  • Added support for Mastodon “move” activity so that if Mastodon users you are following move instances, your Micro.blog account will re-follow them at the new instance.

  • Updated Mastodon hashtags to highlight in gray.
    Updated Mastodon-compatible usernames on Micro.blog (when there is a Micro.blog account) to redirect to the Micro.blog username. Added profile photo preview to Micro.blog profile URLs used on other sites.

  • Fixed a recent source of server instability and performance problems.
    Fixed downloading recent posts from some new Mastodon users.

  • Fixed errors adding books from some Google Books results.
    Fixed errors when reporting users.

  • Updated Micro.blog for macOS to version 2.6.1 with the following changes:

    • Improved Mastodon username highlighting when writing a new post.
    • Added progress spinner to menu rows to better show timeline loading.
    • Fixed photo viewer window title to not include new CDN hostname.
  • Fixed an issue with sending Mastodon replies that caused a preview link in Mastodon.
    Improved followings page on the web to show user’s bio and follow button.

  • Fixed push notifications for third-party app Gluon.

  • Fixed an issue with importing Mastodon feeds.

  • Added Mastodon user bio to profile pages in Micro.blog.

  • Improved links in a post from Mastodon to display truncated in the native Micro.blog apps.

  • Fixed a server configuration to improve performance.
    Updated our user search to work with more Tumblr blogs.

  • Fixed accidentally sending incomplete posts to Mastodon before they’ve been updated from your blog’s feed.

  • Fixed potential issue with verifying signatures from Mastodon posts. Did it cause actual problems? Not sure, but it’s better now.

  • Optimized a few more parts of our ActivityPub plumbing, fixing 502 and 503 errors that were common this week.
    Moved some profile images and inline photos behind the new CDN.

  • Added support for ActivityPub “shared inbox”, optimizing how posts are added to Micro.blog from elsewhere.

  • Fixed searching for Mastodon users on instances with “secure mode” enabled.

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